Tricone Mining Corporation

24-Mar-2013: TML 1.82 is now available.
16-Mar-2013: TML 1.80 is now available.
25-Feb-2013: TML 1.71 is now available.
15-Dec-2012: TML 1.60 is now available.
12-Dec-2012: TML 1.55 is now available.
29-Nov-2012: TML 1.53 is now available.
28-Nov-2012: TML 1.52 is now available.
25-Nov-2012: TML 1.50d is now available.
24-Nov-2012: TML 1.50c is now available.
23-Nov-2012: TML 1.50b is now available.
10-Nov-2012: TML 1.50 is now available.
19-Oct-2012: TML 1.13 is now available.
04-Oct-2012: TML 1.12 is now available.
18-Sep-2012: TML 1.11 is now available.
04-Sep-2012: TML 1.10 is now available.
13-Aug-2012: TML 1.05 is now available.
10-Aug-2012: TML 1.04 is now available.
03-Aug-2012: TML 1.01 is now available.
20-Jul-2012: TML 1.0 is now available.
05-Jul-2012: TML preview 0.999 is now available.
04-Jul-2012: TML preview 0.99 is now available.
04-Jul-2012: TML preview 0.98 is now available.
01-Jul-2012: TML preview 0.95 is now available.
30-Jun-2012: TML preview 0.93 is now available.
27-Jun-2012: TML preview 0.92 is now available.
22-Jun-2012: TML preview 0.91 is now available.
21-Jun-2012: The TML preview is now available.

Tricone Mining Corporation is pleased to announce the completion of the Tricone Mining Logic (TML), an FPGA design for bitcoin mining. Xilinx's tools have signed off on the design at 315MH/s/chip (210mhz clock); however, actual performance is strongly dependent on the capacity and quality of the power supply, as well as cooling. Typical results are 270MH/s at 18.4 MH/J on SG-3 devices.

The Tricone Mining Logic is available for any board based on the Spartan-6 LX150 (we can port the design to other Xilinx devices if this is economically justifiable). If you would like to use the TML on a board you sell or own, please download the board development kit and fill in the appropriate blanks for your clock pin, clock frequency, and host interface.

The TML can be used for solo mining or to mine on any pool.

You may redistribute the TML in unmodified form. There is no charge to obtain the TML – instead, approximately 5% of your hashpower will be diverted to Tricone Mining Corporation as payment for your use of the TML. For further details, please see the FAQ. The source code for all host-computer software needed in order to mine with the TML is publicly available (license to be determined) in order to allow for third-party audits.

We have three RSS feeds:

It is very important that all miners using the signcryption servers be subscribed to the tricone-miners RSS feed. This is our primary announcement venue; all developments relating to the signcryption servers will be announced there.

There is an irc server for support, though it isn't very well-staffed.